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The Naari Story

Naari is an ode to the women of today. The ones who are unafraid to mix a bit of tradition and modernity, and pull it off effortlessly. Whether she's at her most gracious or most courageous, the Modern Naari is always in her comfort zone.

Which is why we make fashion that fits your lifestyle, and your tastes. With bright colours, in comfortable fabrics. Ethnic designs with a contemporary twist. We make dresses that help you dazzle effortlessly every day.

Only the best for you

And just like the Indian Naari, we don't compromise on quality one bit. Each outfit is designed to perfection, with utmost attention to detail. Our 5-acre plant in Tarapur has a massive textile processing capacity of over a million meters per month and an embroidery capacity of half a million meters per month. Under the observation of the design team, our state-of-the-art machines translate intricate motifs into exquisite embroidery that is the hallmark of most Naari outfits. Whether it is sourcing the finest yarn or using the latest technology in printing and dyeing, we leave no stone unturned in bringing you products that light up your closet and your day.

For Mother Nature

Every day, we take little steps to make the world a better place. Our processes help us create products that are easier on the environment. Whether it is using technologies like waterless printing - which helps us conserve water during production or our breathable fabrics like Linolio - made from sustainable fibres.

Even our parent company stands with us in our efforts to make a greener earth. Pal Fashions are pioneers of eco-friendly textile manufacturing in Tarapur. Having stopped using fossil fuel in 2008, we rely on renewable energy for all boiler and heater operations. We have also achieved a 30% reduction in water consumption through recycling and reuse. One of the most significant contributions by Pal Fashions, however, is the development of Pal Forests, also known today as the Lungs of Tarapur. Planted using the Miyawaki technique, Pal Forests today has over 64,000 surviving trees with more being added every day.

So, as you reach out for your Naari outfit in the closet, do remind yourself of the small bit you've done to make the world a little bit greener.